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Skilled Connecticut Family Law Attorney with Nearly Four Decades of Experience

Helping West Hartford clients through divorce, dissolution and custody disputes

When your family’s future is at stake, you need the assistance of an experienced legal advocate. The law firm of Carlo Forzani, LLC in West Hartford, CT provides skilled representation to clients in all family law cases. Our attorney has more than 37 years of experience handling Connecticut divorce, custody and child support cases. We represent clients in separations and in drafting prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. When you need a supportive representative to see your case through, we can help.

Common issues in Connecticut family law

Our attorney serves as counsel to spouses, parents and grandparents in all types of family law cases and disputes. We regularly represent clients in matters involving:

  • Divorce. From simple, uncontested divorces to complex, contested divorces, we help you through every step of the marriage dissolution process. Our attorney advocates on your behalf on issues ranging from asset division to spousal support.
  • Child custody. Whether your child custody dispute arises out of a divorce, a relocation or a disagreement about visitation, we serve as your representative in the legal system and fight for an optimal resolution for you and your children.

Our West Hartford family law attorney draws on his decades of experience to help you achieve your goals in the family court system.

Negotiating and drafting marital agreements

Marital agreements are an important tool for couples entering into a marriage. Prenuptial agreements protect each party’s assets, but can also provide a higher level of spousal support than may be awarded by a court during a divorce. It is much easier to agree on division of assets and a fair amount of support when a couple is working together instead of battling at the end of their marriage. These agreements must be entered into voluntarily. Each party must have a chance to consult with independent counsel. The agreement may not be enforced if it is so unfair as to be unconscionable. Our attorney helps clients in the Greater Hartford area draft prenuptial and postnuptial (post-marriage) agreements covering a wide range of issues.

Understanding legal separations in Connecticut

A legal separation under Connecticut law operates similarly to a divorce in terms of procedure. The main difference is that the parties are not free to marry again after a separation. A judicial decree of separation can be vacated if the parties resume marital relations. We help parties divide assets and deal with issues of custody during a separation. Our divorce lawyer can help you and your spouse draft an agreement that dictates the terms of your separation.

Trust an experienced Connecticut family law attorney when you need legal assistance

Matters of family law can be extremely complicated and overwhelmingly emotional. At the law firm of Carlo Forzani, LLC, we strive to simplify your case and remove your stress as we work towards an optimal result for you and your family. To arrange a free consultation with a skilled family law litigator, call our West Hartford office at 860-841-5808 or contact us online.