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Hartford Grandparents’ Rights Lawyer Advocates for Children’s Best Interests

Helping grandparents gain visitation access to their grandchildren in Connecticut

For more than 37 years, our attorney at Carlo Forzani LLC has handled family law disputes that address the issues of child custody and child visitation in Connecticut. During this time, we have represented a number of grandparents seeking visitation access to their grandchildren. While the policy in the state is to rule in a child’s best interests, we realize that there are many situations in which maintaining a healthy relationship with a grandparent is, indeed, in the best interests of a child, and we are prepared to assist clients wishing to obtain rights to visitation with their grandchildren.

Securing visitation rights as grandparents

Any third party, including grandparents, may file for visitation rights with a particular child in Connecticut. Courts are likely to grant visitation to grandparents who can prove that the following two conditions are present:

  • That the child and grandparent currently maintain a relationship similar to that of a parent and child, particularly in regards to closeness
  • That denying visitation between the child and his or her grandparent would be detrimental to his or her health or well-being, or would cause him or her real and significant harm

Other factors the court considers when determining whether grandparent visitation is essential to a child’s best interests include the following:

  • The child’s wishes, if he or she is old enough to form a sound opinion
  • The reason for the child’s parents’ divorce, if any factors relate to the child’s best interest (for example, if the divorce resulted from abandonment, domestic abuse, adultery or other physically or emotionally cruel treatment)

If a grandparent’s petition is approved, he or she will be granted regular visits with the child.

Additional rights of grandparents

Having provided child custody lawyer services to clients for nearly four decades, we also understand further rights grandparents with visitation are entitled to. First and foremost, in the case of parental relocation, grandparents maintain their right to see a child and can ask to modify their arrangement in order to continue regular or periodic visitation. Additionally, if their grandchild is adopted, grandparents in Hartford and throughout Connecticut may still be able to seek visitation access.

Secure representation from an experienced and effective family law attorney in Litchfield, CT

For more information on the custodial and visitation rights of grandparents and other third-party individuals, or to learn more about our legal services, contact Carlo Forzani LLC online or call 860-841-5808 to reach us by phone. Our legal team brings their combined decades of experience in divorce and family law to bear on your behalf.