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Focusing on complex divorce and asset division cases in Connecticut

At Carlo Forzani LLC in Litchfield, Connecticut, we have extensive experience with marriage dissolutions that involve high-value financial assets, including securities, retirement funds and significant real estate holdings. These situations often require sophisticated financial analysis with accountants, investigators and other experts who can help paint a clear and complete picture of the mutual assets belonging to the couple. We seek to protect your financial interests, while uncovering in the most efficient manner possible all the information required to craft a well-informed course of action.

Complex financial analysis

High-asset divorces can create the need for complex financial analysis. With more than 37 years in practice, we have developed an extensive network of experts upon whom we can call, including forensic accountants and specialized appraisers who are qualified to effectively and efficiently organize the mass of financial information that needs to be processed in order to arrive at the best solution for you.

Some of the intricate asset and debt matters we resolve when dealing with complex divorces in Connecticut include the following:

  • Future valuation of retirement funds, IRAs and pensions
  • Employee stock options and other employee benefits
  • Business interests
  • Executive compensation packages
  • Private equity holdings
  • Real estate investments
  • Distributing significant marital debt
  • Locating assets
  • Future valuation of other complex marital assets

Business and professional valuation

Frequently, marriage dissolution results in the need to value a closely held business, a family business or a professional practice. If the couple began the business together after the marriage, it may need to be divided. If one spouse married into the business, that spouse may be entitled to a share of the asset. Our Connecticut complex divorce lawyer has extensive experience in dealing with these types of assets, and we can call on expert advice to arrive at the proper valuation.

Professional practices, such as medical, dental, engineering, architectural and accounting practices, present complex issues of valuation. We employ experts as needed who specialize in appraising these specific types of businesses.

Guiding you to the best legal solutions in Hartford & Litchfield, CT

When clients have all the information available, they can choose the best possible course of action in matters of asset distribution. At Carlo Forzani LLC, we work diligently to assure that you have all the data you need to make well-informed decisions. For more information on our representation in complex divorce cases, call us at 860-841-5808, or use our online contact form.