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Attorney Facilitates Divorce Mediation in Hartford and Litchfield Counties

Exploring divorce litigation alternatives in Connecticut

At Carlo Forzani LLC, we work with clients to find legal solutions that work for them. For some couples, that means at least considering alternatives to the traditional negotiation-then-trial method of obtaining a divorce. One such alternative is divorce mediation — a path to marriage dissolution that focuses on cooperatively addressing each issue on the table and finding mutually beneficial outcomes.

What is the divorce mediation process like?

Mediation is generally a much more relaxed process than traditional divorce litigation. For one, rather than taking place in a public court in front of a judge, mediation sessions occur at a neutral and private location with spouses coming together with the help of their individual attorneys and an unbiased mediator who oversees the meetings. Both spouses agree upon the mediator.

Couples can choose to use a mediator for all issues relating to their divorce. Our firm provides Hartford divorce mediator services to couples attempting to settle the following matters:

  • Divorce terms, including the establishment of fault
  • Child custody
  • Visitation rights and schedules
  • Adoption
  • Spousal support (alimony)
  • Division of assets
  • Allocation of retirement accounts
  • Distribution of business assets
  • Dissolution or continuance of joint business ventures

During the mediation process, all parties involved — the spouses, their attorneys and the mediator — meet in at least three private sessions. They assess such factors as each spouse’s income, the couple’s debts and assets, any children involved and overall living expenses. Then the couple begins allocating assets in a way that meets each of their needs and focuses on conflict resolution. This is similar to the collaborative divorce process, but it involves more structured cooperation and less acting through the spouses’ respective attorneys.

Advantages of choosing divorce mediation in Connecticut

Successful divorce mediation yields a number of benefits for those involved. First and foremost, each spouse has greater control over the outcome and terms of the divorce. The final decision is not ultimately left up to a judge, and instead honors the compromises they have each made. Mediation is also often a faster and less expensive process for both spouses. Furthermore, unlike a public court case, mediation details typically remain confidential, allowing for greater privacy.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of mediation, however, is that the process encourages civil and cooperative interaction between the divorcing spouses. When children of divorcing couples see their parents working together amicably, it can lessen the emotional effect and teach them responsible, mature behavior.

Learn more about mediation from an experienced lawyer in Hartford & Litchfield

Carlo Forzani LLC provides comprehensive legal services relating to divorce. For couples interested in divorce mediation, we can act as mediators or as representatives of either spouse throughout mediation proceedings. To learn more, call our Connecticut law firm at 860-841-5808 or contact us online today.