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Family Law Attorney Facilitates Collaborative Divorce in Hartford & Litchfield, CT

An alternative approach to divorce settlements

Collaborative divorce is an alternative method to the adversarial divorce process. It was developed in the 1990s as an approach that was intended to avoid the damaging effects of conventional divorce litigation. At Carlo Forzani LLC, we understand the advantages to helping couples dissolve their marriages amicably — or at the very least, civilly. We understand how to help you focus on you future and your family, while achieving fair and acceptable outcomes to your divorce.

How does collaborative divorce work?

In a collaborative divorce approach, both parties and their attorneys enter into an agreement to work together to reach a settlement. The parties hold a series of meetings with their Hartford collaborative divorce lawyers, in which all those present work together to help the couple reach a divorce settlement out of court that addresses the needs and interests of the couple and the family. The parties can jointly choose various experts to educate them and facilitate the process.

Collaborative divorce is not the same as divorce mediation. Instead of a neutral mediator guiding the process, the parties work on the settlement themselves, each counseled by his or her own attorney. If the collaborative sessions fail to result in a settlement acceptable to both spouses, they can then choose to resort to the traditional divorce approach, although they must then obtain different attorneys.

Why attempt a collaborative divorce in Hartford?

Not all situations lend themselves to the collaborative approach. For example, when marriages involve complicated finances and high-value mutual assets, such as properties, investment accounts, trusts and other items of value, it may be difficult to satisfy both parties. Furthermore, when the grounds for divorce are fault-based and continue to incite anger and other emotions, spouses may refuse to work cooperatively with one another.

However, when collaboration is appropriate, this approach can save time, money and effort. And, there is less opportunity for the damage to family relationships that can accompany the traditional adversarial process.

Find out more about our collaborative divorce services

Collaborative divorce can be an optimal solution for many couples. At Carlo Forzani LLC, we are experienced with this approach, and we can help you decide if this is an appropriate solution to your unique situation. Call us at 860-841-5808, or use our online contact form to schedule a consultation.