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Hartford Domestic Violence Attorney Offers Legal Support

Compassionate family lawyer representing domestic violence victims in Connecticut

A serious issue among families, domestic violence or any other type of cruel or aggressive behavior between spouses, partners, lovers or family members is never justifiable. At Carlo Forzani LLC, we represent clients who have been victims of violence in the household, helping them take action to protect themselves and their families.

What constitutes domestic violence?

Domestic violence is characterized as any type of physical, sexual, verbal, mental or emotional conduct that is violent or abusive in nature and occurs between parents and among family members or involves any cohabitants. Some examples of types of domestic abuse and violence include the following:

  • Physical violence, particularly when used as consequence or punishment
  • Verbal or emotional abuse in the form of insults, degradation or humiliation
  • Using force to isolate a partner or cohabitant in order to prevent him or her from social interaction
  • Destructive outbursts or other tantrums involving the destruction of personal or communal property
  • Forced sexual acts including intercourse, even between married partners
  • Forced obedience or submission
  • Threatening physical harm, emotional distress or other violence as a punishment for disobedience
  • Other intentional endangerment of the health or safety of a cohabitant

Divorce following domestic violence

For married clients who are victims of mistreatment by a spouse, our domestic violence lawyers can help initiate divorce actions. Domestic abuse or violence falls under cruel or inhuman treatment grounds for divorce, and could therefore be pursued as a fault-based divorce.

Protective orders

Our family lawyer helps you seek protection orders when you fear for your own safety or the safety of your children. Anyone who has experienced domestic violence from a current or former spouse or cohabitant can request a protective order, not just someone in a marital relationship. Furthermore, many protection orders are attainable from the court on the same day as they’re filed. The types of orders available to domestic violence victims in Connecticut include the following:

  • Protective order — Specifically for anyone who fears injury or has already been injured due to physical assault, the threat of physical assault or stalking
  • No contact order — An order barring contact between cohabitants when misdemeanor or felony domestic assault charges have been filed against one of them
  • Restraining order — A common protection order limiting physical contact and communication, particularly of use during divorce cases and child custody litigation
  • Anti-harassment order — A court order to prevent stalking, bothering or other harassment

Consult a Hartford, CT domestic abuse attorney for help

At Carlo Forzani LLC, we advocate for victims of domestic violence seeking protection orders or representation in divorce actions. Contact our Litchfield County law firm online, or call 860-841-5808 today to learn more.