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Obtaining Post Divorce Modifications in Hartford and Litchfield, CT

Help from a qualified attorney when you have a change in circumstances

At Carlo Forzani LLC, we support individuals and couples seeking post divorce modifications. The results of a divorce typically include a number of court-ordered financial and logistical arrangements: alimony payments, parenting plans, visitation schedules, child support payments and so on. All of these arrangements are determined based on each spouse’s financial situation, mental and physical health, ability and capacity to parent, and other factors at the time of the divorce.

Of course, over time, parents’ and their children’s circumstances are bound to change. Children grow older and their needs change, while parents may go through a change in career path. Often when this occurs, the existing custodial and financial arrangements cease to be practical and require modification.

When is post divorce modification permitted in Connecticut?

Modification of child or spousal support, visitation or child custody is not granted simply because a parent wants to receive more or pay less or to alter the parenting schedule — there must be a legitimate reason to request alteration to a marital agreement. A number of different reasons are acceptable for seeking a post divorce modification, but what they all have in common is that they must occur in response to a significant change in the circumstances of a parent or the child. Consider the following examples:

  • A parent’s income increases or decreases.
  • A child’s needs increase or decrease, such as due to health status.
  • A child’s expenses increase as a result of natural aging (clothing becomes more expensive, he or she eats more, etc.).
  • A parent relocates.
  • A parent or ex-spouse inherits money.
  • A parent or ex-spouse loses his or her job.
  • The ex-spouse receiving alimony remarries.
  • It is discovered that fraud occurred at the time the original arrangements were established (one spouse hid assets, failed to report certain income, etc.).
  • It is discovered that the current parenting plan endangers the health or safety of the child (a parent abuses drugs around the child, leaves the child alone without supervision, etc.).

The Connecticut modification process

Our clients can obtain Hartford post divorce modifications in one of two ways. First, if both ex-spouses agree to the changes, our lawyer can file the necessary paperwork to make the modifications official. However, if is the ex-spouses disagree about the proposed modifications (or whether to modify at all), it will be necessary to involve a judge. In these cases, we represent the interests of one of the ex-spouses throughout the negotiations and legal proceedings that follow.

Secure legal support in Hartford, CT when you’re approaching potential post divorce modifications

Our attorney is a fierce advocate for the rights and interests of our clients and their families. We know how to achieve fair and appropriate post divorce modifications when your circumstances change. To learn more about how we can help, contact Carlo Forzani LLC online or call us at 860-841-5808 today.